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Experience South Australia like never before with two unique outback adventures.


Embark on a journey with the Outback Mail Run day tour, where you're not just a tourist but a part of an essential service in a 4WD through South Australia's heartland. This tour, led by the engaging Bruce Ross, combines adventure with insight, offering a close-up view of life in remote communities. You'll traverse over 600 kilometers of diverse landscapes, from gibber plains to ancient seabeds, making stops at iconic outback locales like the Pink Roadhouse and William Creek pub. Alongside delivering mail to remote towns and cattle stations, you'll immerse in stories of pioneers and current residents, connecting deeply with the outback spirit.

Following the footsteps of the early explorers, John McDouall Stuart and Ernest William Giles, this expedition unfolds across diverse terrains. It traverses the world's longest man-made structure, the Dingo Fence, and delves into the rich history of the original Ghan Railway Line. Learn about Lake Eyre, the Great Artesian Basin, the arid land pastoral industry, Afghan camel drivers, outback fauna and flora, aboriginal heritage, and early pioneers of the region. And they say there’s nothing out here!

Or, venture on the Painted Desert Tour, also a mail run tour. This day tour is a mesmerising journey through the vibrant landscapes of the Painted Desert, including the Moon Plains and Arckaringa Hills. Discover this untouched terrain with experienced guides, enjoying scenic walks and a picnic lunch. This mesmerizing landscape, shaped over millions of years by ancient seas and erosion, boasts vibrant colors, majestic mesas, and unique geological formations. Guided walks let you explore these unique formations and diverse wildlife. 

As we journey back to Coober Pedy, marvel at the Breakaways country, where dramatic land formations contrast against the vast desert backdrop, creating a perfect finale to your adventure.

Though there is a strict time frame to adhere to, these tours are designed to offer flexibility and ensure stops for photos and short walks at points of interest.

Travel through time with a local guide 

Meet the heart and soul behind our unique tours, your experienced guide, Bruce Ross. With years of adventure under his belt, Bruce doesn't just lead; he immerses you in the true spirit of the outback. His tales and insights transform every journey into a personal exploration of Australia's vast landscapes and rich history.

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